Are you sure you haven't met an alien yet?

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What if I tell you that we all are surrounded by aliens. Aliens, who are living with us for centuries and yet we are not aware of them. They are currently sitting right next to you but still you are unsure if they really do exist. You must be wondering that it can't be possible, right?  How can a whole planet of people haven't seen them if they are with us? Haven't heard them?

Now, that's the most interesting part of it. They are aliens. They are not from this planet so they are very much different from us. They don't speak. You cannot capture them in a photo or a video. And the most important thing is that you cannot remember them once you look away from them.

Yes! You cannot have a memory of their presence as soon as you look away from them. They are here just to observe the humanity. Silently, they are watching us, listening to us for centuries. You have met them but you can't remember their presence and that's the power they have.

The frightening part is that although we cannot remember them but they can modify our decisions by making suggestions. They cannot control our minds by they can create thoughts. Remember Inception?

What do you think? How will you fight an army of such aliens? Are you really free? The last decision you took was really by you or a result of an alien's suggestion?

The above thoughts are inspired by the episode "Silence" from Doctor Who series.